About CRSB

Welcome to the Cedar Rapids State Bank
……a community bank that grows by helping YOU grow!

From the time it received its charter in 1936, Cedar Rapids State Bank has been committed to serving its community, and by doing that – helping you grow – it has, itself, grown into a full-service bank offering a wide range of financial services with the latest in technology. It’s Community Banking at its best.

What distinguishes a community bank from a large financial institution? Well, first of all, we’re proud to say that we know our customers on a first-name basis and we make sure they know us. Service never goes out of style, and here at Cedar Rapids State Bank we pride ourselves in offering friendly, knowledgeable service to all our customers.

We also pride ourselves in being locally-owned and operated, which means decisions are made locally, not by some far-off committee. We also have a strong commitment to the community in which we reside. That means we are actively involved in many community efforts, like offering scholarships for local students, sponsoring community events and being the largest contributor to the Cedar Valley Community Foundation.

Straightforward, honest and committed to community – those are the guiding principles of our Bank staff.

Located in the lovely Cedar River valley, Cedar Rapids is a small community, but with a rich history in rural Nebraska. The same is true for our Bank. Our clientele are small business owners, farmers, ranchers and individuals.